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Version 6.0

TrueCafe 6.0 has been released.

Date: 01 Mar 2013.

Key new features

PayPal and credit cards (Wi-Fi)

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Let your customers buy tickets via PayPal or credit cards (via Wi-Fi module only at the moment). In order to accept payments, you need a BUSINESS PayPal account. PayPal Payments Pro option has to be enabled to support credit cards.

Minutes on balance

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Keep an exact minutes number besides the money deposit on any customer account.

Quick tickets

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Create, sell and print tickets with one click.

TrueCafe Client protection

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If a customer terminates TrueCafe Client with any process kill tool, TrueCafe Client Watcher system service starts it again in a few seconds.

Wi-Fi page editor

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Customize your Wi-Fi login and info pages. Change text, select a style, add pictures.

Minor features and bugs fixed

Minor improvements:

  • Diskless systems support
  • Setup/Home/etc. screens
  • User groups and Goods screens
  • Select ticket terminal profile
  • Ticket bandwidth limit
  • Switch terminals to the stand-by mode
  • Wi-Fi ports white list (e.g. email ports)
  • Print log date filter
  • Operator can't change pre-paid/post-paid customer option

Bugs fixed:

  • Volume control on Windows 7
  • Customer list vertical scroll bar disappears when filter applied
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