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Case Study. Courtleigh Hotel and Suites

While looking for a solution to automate my internet cafe in our Courtleigh Hotel and Suites we tried many softwares. Unfortunately there was no one software that offered our two most primary objective which were excellent support and reliability.

That is when I found a software that was completely stable, True Cafe, after sending my first email to ask about an additional feature I was surprised to receive a reply the same day saying yes it could be done. From there it was as if this software was tailored to the Hotel's specific needs and that was the most influential point when convincing the General Manager that this was the way to go.

It was my easiest sell to management I got approval within five minutes. Since then this software has proven itself and has never once failed me. I have recommended this software to so many people and being in the hotel industry and using the software myself has been a wonderful selling point.

I have been in I.T. for twelve years and I must say this has been one of the most stable and cost effective software I have seen since the inception of internet cafes around the globe. What can I say True Cafe simply works and I would recommend it time and time again.

Oriel Francis
Information Technology Professional
Mcsa, Mcse
Comptia Certified
Fax# 876 926 7744
Direct.# 876 852 0652
The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites

Courtleigh Hotel & Suites

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