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Beta 4.3

TrueCafe 4.3 has been released.

Date: 06 Oct 2008.

We appreciate any comments about the system you send to us. Participation in a beta-testing allows you to get a TrueCafe license with a discount.

Key new features

Shift management

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Use shift management to control your operators. Turn on Shift control option (main menu > Tools > Options) so a shift must be started in order to collect any payment (close a customer session, top-up account, sell a ticket).

When an operator starts/stops a shift, he enters his cash desk initial/final cash amount for the moment. You may compare these actual cash values to the calculated initial/final amounts.

To start/stop a shift use main menu > Setup > Start shift or Stop shift items.

Customer programs

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Create a list of programs which your customers can start from TrueCafe Client. Use a customer pricing to select a program list for the corresponding customer type (main menu > Setup > Pricing > Pricing packages).

Connection wizard

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When you run TrueCafe Client the first time on your customer terminal, connection wizard starts and helps you connect your terminal to TrueCafe Server.

It also adds a new terminal icon on the server side so you don't have to add your terminals manually from the server side any more.

Wi-Fi sessions timeout

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Stop a Wi-Fi session automatically when it's inactive for a few minutes or a customer leaves your shop not logging out.

Promotional tickets

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Create a number of tickets for the promotional purpose. When you sell a promo ticket, its amount is added to the "promo totals" in the daily report.

Continue Wi-Fi session

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When your customers log in they can now see their original redirected website links on the session info page and click them to continue their sessions.

Sales report

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View your sales and filter the list by a customer name, service, terminal name, operator name (main menu > View > Sales).

View customer sessions

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You can now click on the Sessions button on the customer window to get the list of the customer sessions.

Hide drives

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Hide logical drives on your customer terminals, for example the system drive (C:). Use main menu > Tools > Options > Security tab to select the drives to hide.

Cleanup: sales data

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In order to optimize your database you can delete the following sales data: unused customers, sales, customer sessions, top-ups and shifts.

Select data folder

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Select a folder where TrueCafe saves your data (database, logs, etc.). If you re-install the program, the setup detects your current database and copies it to the new location. Use Tools > Data folder menu to open your data folder.


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Run external programs when TrueCafe Client logs on/off. You can use customer_id, terminal_id, pricing_package_id command line parameters, which are replaced with actual values when the script is called.

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