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Beta 3.1

We are working on TrueCafe 3.1 that will be released at the middle of August 2006.

Download TrueCafe 3.1 Beta

Date: 20 Jul 2006
Size: 6.1 Mbytes.

We appreciate any comments about the system you send to us. Participation in a beta-testing allows you to get a TrueCafe license with a huge discount.

Key new features


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Create, print, sell, delete/recover pre-paid tickets. Distribute tickets among your employees (agents). Keep track of a ticket status. Delete all unused tickets. Use a ticket to top-up a customer session. Export data to MS-Excel for further analysis.

User interface

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New nice icons :), "switch a user" option, customer age column in the session list, control positions saving, etc.


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View time left indicator for pre- and post-paid sessions, customize a background image, change a customer password, top-up a session using a ticket. Ultimate protection from Ctrl-Alt-Del/task manager tricks when a terminal is locked.


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Make a walk-in (guest) and member sales, select multiple items into a bill, add/remove items from a bill.


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Select whether a customer uses pre- or post-paid model, inspect how much time left on a customer account, let a server automatically close pre-paid sessions, calculate extra pre-paid amount when extending session time.


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Use a separate top-up form to put money onto a customer balance. Utilize "virtual cash" for your cyber cafe promotion.


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Use a detailed report to calculate your income for current/previous month, week, day or any custom term. Browse daily activity, top-ups, sales and services provided. Export data to MS-Excel for further analysis.

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