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 since 1999
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Cyber Cafe Software

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Internet cafe software and cyber cafe software for your Internet cafe/cyber cafe or game club.

TrueCafe Internet cafe software supports:

Desktop personal computers,
Wi-Fi laptops, tablets and smartphones,
Thin clients (terminal services, NComputing, etc.) and diskless systems,
Game consoles (XBox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.)

Internet Cafe Software screenshot   Client locked screenshot
Client screen, locked
Client unlocked screenshot. Click for full sized image
Server screen  
Client screen, unlocked

Languages supported: English Spanish German French Italian Russian Portuguese Czech Arabic Turkish

OS supported: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003/2008 Server, Windows Vista,
32 and 64-bit versions.

Key advantages

Wireless billing (Wi-Fi hotspot support) Charge your customers when they use your Wi-Fi access point to browse the web from their wireless laptops, PDAs or any other mobile devices. Customize login and info pages.

Thin clients (NComputing, Terminal Server, etc.) support Install TrueCafe Internet cafe software on thin-client platforms such as NComputing (L130, L230, X300), Windows Terminal Server, Elusiva, Sunde, etc.

Tickets Create, print, sell pre-paid tickets (time codes). Distribute tickets among your agents or employees. Keep track of a ticket status: created, printed, sold, in use, used up, deleted.

License key (CD-key) management Cut down your game licensing expenses. Purchase a quantity of licenses to cover a simultaneous gameplay vs. purchasing a license for every terminal where a game is installed.

Print monitoring Automatically charge customers for printing, use distinct rates for monochrome and colour printing.

Point of sale Make walk-in and member sales in your cyber cafe. Control available amount of your items in the stock using the inventory system. Design your own receipt with your cyber cafe's logo on it.
(Design your cyber cafe logo)

Instant messenger / Chat Organize a chat between operator and a customer on any terminal. Send text messages to all terminals.

Power management Save power in your cyber cafe. Shutdown idle or all terminals by one click. Shutdown an idle terminal automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Turn on a terminal remotely before starting a customer session.

Terminal screenshot, etc. Get a screenshot of any terminal in your cyber cafe. View the list of running processes, terminate a process, start an application. Control volume on a terminal, mute the sound.

Terminal Client Lock your cyber cafe terminals. Protect it from logging in via Ctrl-Alt-Del, etc. Display a customer session time/money left after login. Let your customer order snacks, drinks, etc. from their seats.

Internet traffic and URL log Calculate amount of Intenet traffic for a customer session. Keep track of the Internet websites and pages which a customer opens on your cyber cafe terminal.

Web Reports Analyze your business data in your web browser. Get access to your cyber cafe activity information outside the cafe from the Internet.


Before starting my own cyber cafe, I had 7 years of experience running 3 different cyber cafes (Galax InfoTech, SuperFast Internet and 1 Touch Computers) in Buea, Cameroon.

For over eight years I have tested almost every windows based Internet cafe software on the internet. I say with total confidence that TrueCafe is the very best. No more searching for and testing other cyber cafe softwares. TrueCafe has EVERYTHING I need. Yes, it does!!! It is the easiest, most flexible, most stable and most complete cyber cafe software on the planet. I can also say it is the most affordable because the price is almost nothing compared to what the software offers. You pay only once for a license and get free upgrades.

There are no lies/exaggerations on the TrueCafe website. The forum is very active and support provided by the TrueCafe Team is awesome. All the tons of features listed are actually present in the software and work exactly as described.

Ferdinand Che

I downloaded the free/trial version of Truecafe. I have set up my internet cafe using this Internet cafe software. I wish to pay for the software as I can see that a lot of thought, analysis, design, programming and testing has gone into the product. I am impressed.

Dave Betts

I am proud to be a TrueCafe user. I went through so much trouble to purchase this software so I value it very much. I have used a lot of cyber cafe software before i finally decided to purhcase truecafe so i love it. First of all i love it because of its simplicity and i think if i say so any one who has purchased this software will agree with me.

Dan Eshun

Your Internet cafe software is just good. Your support is perfect.Keep up the good work.

Charles Masunungure, Tyneside Cybercafe, Zimbabwe

Thank you guys for that ingenious piece of work with that Internet cafe software. I and all my colleagues in our company admire it well. I am going to be setting up more resource centers across our country over the next few weeks. I will make sure to use only Truecafe for our control. It’s working! Particularly, its ability to do Wi-Fi billing and send us report via email. Great job!

Wesley S. Gbengon, Jr., Liberia

Congratulations on the software, it seems to be so much more stable and user-friendly than the package we've been using for the last two years. We've had no end of trouble with it. Best of luck with future developments on TrueCafe!

James Whelan, Ireland

You know the really cool thing about you guys besides your brilliant software, is your prompt and efficient response to complaints and requests. I'm happy to say your solution worked for me and I'm happily using the evaluation copy of your software now.

Chike, Nigeria

The software is fantastic! Very simple and practical interface.

Bob Ogu

Just a little note to let you know that I have successfully delivered Version 1.0 of our software solution which includes an integration with TrueCafe. At this point, the integration is restricted to the ability to create/delete/update user accounts in the TrueCafe system. This was largely possible because of the support that I received from you and your team. A Big "Thank you" to you all for all the help. It was an absolute joy interacting with you!

VA Prapad

I would like to congratulate you on an excellent product. It was extremely easy to setup and is very user friendly. We managed to train and familierise our clients' operators to use the application in no time at all. We have proposed TrueCafe in several other proposal made to some of our other customers.

Burger Lourens, South Africa, Bytes Technology Group

Your application is teriffic and your support is really amazing! We are opening a second cyber cafe and will be upgrading both to True Cafe. The application we were using did not have many of the features you offer -- like support for NComputing systems, the ability to set up multiple pricing schedules, Wi-Fi hotspot support and tracking where customers went by URL and web page. TrueCafe does great reporting and is easy for our employees to learn. But the best feature is your support team -- fast, accurate, listens to each problem and works with your customers to resolve any issue. Thanks for a great product.

Virginia Roarabaugh, USA

I like the easy you your software does things. Our setup is bedding down now and we have even mastered individual profiles for each 'bank of computers' so we can burn CD's from within Tuecafe. Really good system and thanks to your team for the efforts they have made.

Malcolm Ross, New Zealand, Mistral Computing Ltd.

This is definitely one of the best Internet cafe softwares. I really tried a lot of them and none of them could really easily solve the print charging. So I'm very happy with this solution also because it seems to be stable and easy to use. We already have our 10 client licence.

Michael Heimann, Switzerland

I must say your Internet cafe software is excellent. I would recommend it anywhere. Especially with the support you give!!!:)

Alvin E. O. Emerson-Thomas, Sierra Leone, Alemobet Innovations Internet Cafe

Your program is fantastic !! Believe me, I have spent many a hours and frustrating nights downloading demo versions with testing after test and this is the first Internet cafe software that stands out from the beginning. The only regret is that I didn't come across it quicker cause then I would not have wasted so much time on the others. Well done... I can see you have done your market research and given the market what it wanted in an Internet cafe environment, especially your printer monitoring and charging. Your support and prompt responses thus far has been superb. Thank you !! Keep it up.

Heinz Wanke, South Africa

I am very very happy with your Internet cafe software and how it works with Ncomputing. Thanks so much for the great support!

Ines Desmarais, www.applehostels.com

I'm evaluating your product since I want to create a cyber cafe and let me tell you that your product is simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E, I've never seen a product as rich of features as yours... and coming from an experienced software developer, as I think I am :-) ,.. this should be a compliment!

Camilo Torres, Dominican Republic

After browsing Google for hours and spending nights testing different software for internet cafe management, I came to TrueCafe. First of all, it's a *best practice* product which really relies on true experience in internet cafe management. I own several internet cafes for years, and I never seen a software which has all the functions WE REALLY NEED there. So I appreciate your great job, guys!

Roma Tetemadze, Georgia

I was happy to find you on the net and am impressed with your approach to the needs of a cybercafe, particularly because of you support of Terminal Services.

Vince Barnes, Jupitermedia (www.internet.com)

For my project I tried many (and I mean many) Internet cafe software apps. TrueCafe was the best out of the lot by a long way. Keep up the good work!

Dean Scully

I have been searching for Internet cafe sofware for nComputing xtenda x300 for more than a month. I'm happy that I have eventually found TrueCafe!

Eduardo Castillo

I have to say I have been using a lot of trial software in my Internet cafe, but TrueCafe is the best one. Thank you for giving good customer care!

Janaka Sanjaya

I am really really happy with this software so far. This is indeed a far superior product to what I was using before.

Eric Alkins, Janus e-Cafe

Thank you for working so fast! I love great support and that is always a plus when we buy software for our hotels!

Oriel Francis, The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites

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